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We offer professional property maintenance services to repair, renovate, clean, and maintain your residential rental properties and commercial facilities with fast, reliable service and affordable, high-quality work.

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The RDS Difference

With a reputation for excellence, RDS is good at solving problems. Drawing on over 40 years of collective experience, our trustworthy team of technicians can fix almost anything. And even though we guarantee our work, we rarely need to perform warranty service.
Living room after construction and clean up - After picture Living room under construction - Before picture

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What We Do

If your tenants have a problem with their rental, we can fix it. Quick, affordable, and professional services include:

Painting Carpentry Sheetrock Insulation Flooring Doors Roofs Cleaning Remodels

Once we receive your work order, we set an appointment with your tenant and dispatch our technician ASAP.

We do such good work that tenants request our team for any issues that arise.

Happy customers are why we get up in the morning.

Just a heads up, we are going to up the ante. More work is coming your way. Your work ethic is awesome!

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Our Work

Providing residential and commercial property maintenance services in North Carolina and South Carolina.